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  • Virtual DJ iRemote Alternative

    Virtual DJ iRemote Alternative

    For a long time now, DJs have had the ability to remotely access their software, via various apps, and for Virtual DJ none done this better than the iRemote app, developed by VDJ. However there were many flaws to this, and I guess the biggest one of all, was the fact that it was for iOS only. And it didn’t stop there, as a lot of the functions available to VDJ, could not be found or controlled via the app, only basic function were to be found, Play, Stop, Volume, you get the idea.

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  • Pioneer XDJ-1000 For Rekordbox

    Pioneer XDJ-1000 For Rekordbox

    Pioneer have today sneaked out the launch of a brand new media player for the DJ.  The XDJ-1000 has been purely designed for the Rekordbox software, so you will be at a loss if your looking for somewhere to play your CD collection, as much like the current controllers this is for, USB drive, and HID control purposes only. Prices look quite reasonable too, compared to other products in the same line, and you would be looking to pay around $999/£650-700 each, so finally a relatively affordable solution, for the DJ on a budget, to get digital playback in the classic CDJ design. 

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  • Creating a name drop for your live DJ set or mixtapes.

    Creating a name drop for your live DJ set or mixtapes.

    A name drop is very useful weapon in the DJs arsenal, and very common amongst amateur and pro DJs. I don't think I can remember the last time I heard a set that didn't use one. Name drops are very useful if you want to let people know who is at the turntables during a live set, or for branding your latest mix tapes. This is big business and there are many websites that will offer to create a name drop for you, at a price. A name drop can cost you anywhere from £5 and upwards, depending on what you want. Here is a quick tutorial, that might save you some money, don't forget to check out the video at the end for a quick demonstration.

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