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From The Blog

  • The Pioneer DDJ-SZ Controller for Serato

    The Pioneer DDJ-SZ Controller for Serato

    Pioneer have announced the launch of the new DDJ-SZ pro DJ/club-oriented DJ controller specially designed for "Serato DJ" Taking a lead from technology and know-how cultivated through development of professional DJ equipment, the DDJ-SZ is a DJ controller with the same level of operability as Pioneer’s professional DJ equipment. Authentic DJ performances can be given as though playing with a component DJ system combining multi-player and mixer.

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  • New DJ controller for Serato DJ intro

    New DJ controller for Serato DJ intro

    Pioneer have today announced the release of their new DJ controller, the DDJ-SB, for Serato intro and boasts the same operability as the DDJ-SX/SR. The controller uses a larger body than other models in the same price range, and has been designed with distinctive DJ styling including the jog plate made of the same aluminum material as other premium models, and a hairline finish applied to the top surface.

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  • Pioneer release the new DJM-750-K /-S performance mixer

    Pioneer release the new DJM-750-K /-S performance mixer

    Pioneer today released the new DJM-750-K / -S performance mixer, featuring the industry-first effects linked to speed of knob rotation*1 “BOOST COLOR FX”

    The “BOOST COLOR FX” feature makes it possible to highlight exciting parts of music and add breaks, with simple controls just by intuitively rotating a single knob. The range of musical arrangements possible is expanded thanks to the ability to change parameters of effects linked to the speed of knob rotation.

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Latest News & Updates

  • Submitting your mix

    Submitting your mix

    We have always allowed our members to submit their own mixes and productions to be featured on the site, and this is still the case. However some found this to be quite difficult, and couldn’t understand the form or how it worked. We have therefore slimed everything down and made things much simpler. In place of the old multi-page form, a one page form now stands, only showing the parts you need to fill out, to be featured on deejayportal.

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