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In recent years, the DJ/club market has seen the music file style of DJing become the mainstream, with increasing demand for music management and DJ play using smartphones and tablets, as well as browsing music on large tablet screens. In order to meet these needs, Pioneer will launch the pro DJ/club oriented “CDJ-2000nexus” Professional Multi Player, which is the Industry first*1 player to enable DJ play using music stored inside smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi*2 or USB connections. By installing the newly developed mobile version of the “rekordbox™” music management software, music can be prepared and managed not only at home but also on the move, with the prepared music then transmitted as-is to this device for DJ play. Pioneers “CDJ series” Multi Players for DJs are supported by many DJs for their excellent operability and reliability, with machines permanently installed in many celebrated clubs around the world.

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They're among Pioneer's most popular products, sought after by DJs who want equipment that looks as good as it sounds. With their superb high-definition audio, stunning club-quality effects and sleek user-friendly design, the industry-standard CDJ-2000 and DJM-900nexus offer the ultimate in style and substance.

Published in Equipment

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